Lamb Of God
Congregation-Care Ministries

In support of the amazing vision God has granted The Lamb, we recognize the need to maintain a solid foundation while nurturing our growing congregation. We work hard to create a stimulating environment for youth and family members of all ages through engaging fellowships, spirit-filled services, and peer-to-peer support opportunities. Our congregation-care ministries are complementary of one another and are designed to fulfill the needs of the membership whether it’s reliable transportation to church, scholarship assistance, adequate seating during services, handling the business affairs of the church and much more.

  • Associate Ministers
  • Culinary Ministry
  • Deacons Ministry
  • Little Lambs Nursery
  • Mothers Board Ministry
  • Nurses Ministry
  • Pastoral Care Ministry
  • Scholarship Ministry
  • Transportation Ministry
  • Trustee Ministry
  • Ushers Ministry
  • YaYa Ministry (Youth and Young Adults)
  • Life Group Ministries
    • Good Mourning
    • Man UP (Unleashing Potential)
    • LOGIC (Lamb of God Inspired Couples)